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Sam Trammell Joins Jim Parrack at Scarefest in Lexington, KY

scarefestTrue Blood’s Sam Trammell joins Jim Parrack, who has also signed up  as a guest star this year at the 6th Annual ScareFest Horror and Paranormal Convention on September 13-15 in Lexington, KY. Sam’s attendance was announced on the Scarefest website.

The event will be held at the Lexington Convention Center, Lexington, Ky from September 13-15, 2013 and is sponsored by Ghost Chasers International.

So, if you live in the area be sure to sign up so you can meet Sam and Jim when they attend.



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    July 02, 2013

    If any of you Trubies living in the area have yet to meet Sam and/or Jim take the time and energy to do so! They are both amazingly interesting human beings with high intelligence and a great sense of humor. Go see them, just do it!!!


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