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Season 3 search for Alcide, Hollis and more begins for True Blood



The search for an actor to play the pivotal part of Alcide, the role of Hollis and Arlene’s obstetrician formally got underway today with the release of the following casting notice:

1.  ALCIDE: Good-looking, rough-around-the-edges, articulate, heroic, and decent, but not what he seems. He gets along well with Sookie. There’s even an attraction between the two. Very strong recurring VERY STRONG RECURRING.

2. True Blood is also searching for a fortysomething African-American actor to play HOLLIS, a bouncer in a bar. Despite his scary appearance — he resembles an NFL lineman — he’s a nice guy who knows Alcide well. He’s suspicious of Sookie and delivers some unexpected bad news to Alcide about his fiancée, Debbie Pelt.…2 speeches & 7 lines, 2 scenes

3. Alan Ball is on the lookout for an actor in his 70’s to play Arlene’s old-school obstetrician Dr. ROBIDEAUX who examines Arlene with an ultra-sound. 1 speech & 6 lines, 1 scene (18)

4. TURK– This obnoxious, drunk in a bar taunts the apparently helpless Sookie…3 lines, 1 scene (43)

5. PASTOR – This pastor presides at Eggs’ funeral and gives the eulogy sptv050769…1 speech, 1 scene (20)

Production on True Blood’s third season got underway last week.

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