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Stephen Moyer’s Appearance on Chelsea Lately July 3, 2013

Below is the interview with Stephen Moyer on the Chelsea Lately show which took place last night, July 3, 2013. Stephen was his normal friendly self and looked great in a grey top and dark dungarees. This is only the first part of the interview, sadly. Why they had to break up an interview that is only 5 minutes anyway, is beyond me, but enjoy this first part.




To see the entire interview, go here:

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    July 04, 2013

    Stephen was his usual delightful self. Happily, I saw the show when it aired. Wish he’d had more time. My chief complaint … his guest spot was not long enough!


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      July 04, 2013

      Rowena I so agree with you the interview was too short, Stephen sat down said a few things and it was over. I thank Chelsea for having him on just wish the five minutes didn’t seem as two.


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    July 04, 2013

    Stephen Moyer is absolutely charming and funny, and his accent is very sexy.

    I love to watch his interviews, he seems so relaxed and seems to enjoy doing these interviews, other actors seem stiff and uncomfortable, but SM is a natural at this.


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