Super-sexy Deborah Ann Woll

Posted by Shadaliza On July - 7 - 20097 COMMENTS

Photographer/Director Tyler Shields has created an awesome video portrait and did a photo shoot of rising star Deborah Ann Woll who has found fame as the Vampire ‘Jessica’ in HBO’s ‘True Blood’.


Tyler Shields is a prolific Photographer/Director based in L.A. who has worked with a list of stars a mile long in what are often thought of as alternative artistic adventures in both video and photographic formats. Most recently you can check out his collaborations with Zachary Quinto, Thomas Dekker, Rainn Wilson and Summer Glau.

Check out Tyler’s latest video portrait below of the super-sexy Deborah Ann Woll.


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7 Responses to “Super-sexy Deborah Ann Woll”

  1. lynnpd99 says:

    Wow, that is great. I wonder if this was used as an audition tape for her part of Jessica? If not, I think it would have been something worth sending. She looks like what they might have been looking for in Jessica. Thanks for posting it Shad.


  2. Lou says:

    She looks amazing! The “Cabaret” look works for her.

    I’m petty, so I tend to hate people who are both gorgeous and talented. However, I’m invoking the Stephen Moyer Exception for Deborah – LOVE her.


  3. She is gorgeous! She is my girl-crush.

    This one is the total package, brains, talent and beauty! God Bless her.


  4. gymvamp says:

    WOW – if this is any indication of “Jessica” we are in for one wild ride! Love this actor.


  5. Drew says:

    I’m a guy who’s attracted to redheads, so this made my heart stop a couple times.

    Whoa, she is hot!


  6. BBB says:

    Whoa! DAW bringing sex-haaaaay back. w00t!


  7. willkill4bill says:

    Sizzling hot. Hold on Hoyt it’s gonna be a bumpy ride.


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