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Tara Buck and Joe Manganiello say Goodbye to True Blood

True Blood’s Tara buck and Joe Manganiello say “Thank You” to the fans of True Blood.

Tara Buck says thanks to all Truebies the only way she knows how. Get ready fans, it’s pretty loud.

Click on the image to see Tara say “Thanks.

Screenshot 2014-07-15 10.21.51


Joe Manganiello is “grateful for all of your support,” Truebies.

Click on the image to see Joe say “Thanks.”

Screenshot 2014-07-15 10.20.54


source: HBO True Blood on Instagram


I don't want Ginger to die! She better not be one of the ones they kill off!


Sweet words from Joe, and from Tara ... well, I would expect nothing less than Ginger's priceless scream.  Thank you both for enhancing the True Blood experience for me.