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The evolution of Eric and Sookie. Will they finally get together?

Guest writer editorialWell it’s that time of year again, the time of year where sex, blood, mayhem, and well more sex fills the air and the beginning of a new True Blood season. The time of year where ship wars begin to start.
Rather you are ‘Team Bill’, ‘Team Alcide’, ‘Team Sam’, or well my ship ‘Team Eric’, the fights just never cease to end. Well in this article I’m here to talk about Team Eric and if we will ever get to see him and Sookie back together, in more ways than one. They started off as just, well allies I suppose. With heated looks across the room, and dreams that stemmed from one drop of blood, the romance just grew from there.
One of my favorite scenes, where I believe the love started, was the death of Godric. Eric’s grief over the loss of his Maker seemed to show Sookie that Eric wasn’t the boogeyman she believed him to be. Godric made her promise to look after him, and while in the moment she wasn’t sure she could, she tried to look after him. The dreams she had after the blood she took from Eric, after he tricked into sucking out a bullet that was lodged into his chest, made her feelings for him grow. The dreams weren’t one sided though. In season three, Eric shared those dreams. He fantasized about her during work and always felt protective over her, even if he didn’t admit it.
When season four came around we were introduced to amnesia Eric who became this way after a nasty run in with a witch named Marnie/Antonia. He was innocent, kind, and unhardened by the troubles he went through in is very long life. He fell in love with Sookie and Sookie fell for him. She couldn’t resist him for very long and they made love shortly after he began living with her during his time under the witch’s curse. With all the witch problems going on and Marnie becoming more powerful, Sookie cured Eric’s amnesia after he tried to kill Bill. After getting his memories back he realized he was still in love with Sookie and told her things didn’t have to change between them. Sookie’s heart, however, was still torn between Eric and Bill. In the end she chose neither and tried to live a normal life, without her vampire lovers.
When season five came along, we barely had any scenes to quench our thirst for more Sookie and Eric. Until the end, where Billith rose and he seemed to put our star crossed lovers together once more. So where does this leave Eric and Sookie? The answer to that is uncertain. Even though it seems like this would be the best time for the writers to finally give the Eric and Sookie fans what they want and get the characters together, they still appear to be fixated on having Bill and Sookie together.
In a recent article with the new show runner, Brian Buckner, he said that Sookie and Bill would always be the center of the show but may not always be together and that Sookie will find someone she may have more in common with aka Ben the new fairy in town. Well I for one am a bit upset by this. As an avid Sookie and Eric fan I believe the chemistry between them is electric. I believe they may be soul mates and that they should be together, and soon. They are both two troubled characters haunted by their past and in a weird way complement each other. The relationship is full of lust and love and I do hope they find a way back to each other.
Until then there is always fan fiction and who knows, maybe I am wrong. Maybe in the end Sookie and Eric will be with each other at some point this season. From one shipper to another, I’ll keep hope and keep my ship alive and we shall see what True Blood has in store for them this season! (New season starts June 16, 2013 on HBO)


Laura Dengrove
Laura Dengrove is a young journalist/critic on all things film and television. Full time student and writer.