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The governor of Texas is a Truebie

Perry State Of StateGov. Rick Perry conceded Thursday that he’s a fan of the hit HBO series “True Blood.”

The series is about the coexistence of humans, vampires and supernatural misfits in a small Louisiana town. “My wife watches True Blood and I from time to time take a peep at it,” he said before winking his left eye. “It’s an interesting show and I love the music.”

Perry referenced the HBO show at a local fund-raiser for the Dallas County Republican Party. He was trying to make a point about the need for Texas to have a thriving film industry.

“I kind of hate to ask this, but do you all watch True Blood?” Perry asked the crowd.

When several people reacted, he said: “A few of you are telling the truth.”

Perry then pointed out that the series, along with the movie “No Country for Old Men” was filmed in other states. “It’s filmed in Louisiana”  he said of True Blood.

Perry said the Legislature is putting more resources in the state’s film industry and would soon be landing all kinds of movies and television shows. The governor and his wife, Anita, would be happy to know that parts of True Blood’s second season were actually filmed in Dallas, including a scene atop the Adolphus Hotel.