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The talented Skarsgård family

The New York post introduces us to the brothers of Alexander Skarsgård. It turns out there’s a whole clan of actor Skarsgards back in the old country — the Nordic Baldwins!

Basically, you can’t swing a dead cat in the Swedish entertainment biz without hitting a Skarsgard.

“They are definitely considered acting royalty,” says Swedish writer Jan Gradvall. “Remarkably enough, they seem to be liked by everyone in Sweden. All of them are nonpretentious and easygoing.”

What’s more, their father is Stellan Skarsgard, one of Sweden’s most famous actors. You know him — depending on your taste — from “Good Will Hunting,” the films of Lars von Trier, the “Pirates of the Caribbean” movies (he played Bootstrap Bill) or his guest spot as the volatile director Verner on “Entourage.”

Stellan has seven kids, the youngest of whom was born last April (and has not yet declared his intentions regarding an acting career). But the rest are teenage or older, and they’re a physically impressive bunch, all strapping height and chiseled cheekbones.

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