True Blood Season 4 Episode Guide

Posted by Shadaliza On November - 13 - 2010

The True Blood Season 4 Episode Guide offers you the complete overview of all the episodes, including a page for each episode, casting information, the best quotes of the season and episode reviews for True Blood.

The first shooting day of season 4 was November 30, 2010 and shooting ended July 7, 2011.

True Blood Season 4 premiered on Sunday,  June 26, 2011 at 9:00pm ET/PT


Make your choice from the menu:

- Episode list: this page contains the episode titles, synopsizes, writers, directors information and music speculation

- Casting information: casting calls and new cast members

- Season 4 Promo Videos: promotional videos released by HBO

- Best Quotations: the best quotations from each episode

- Random Thoughts: episode reviews

- Spoilers: this page contains all spoilers revealed before and during the airing of Season 4

- Music: a source for all the music featured in Season 4 with links to Amazon and ITunes to purchase your favorites.


16 Responses to “True Blood Season 4 Episode Guide”

  1. Rachel says:

    When does the season 4 start in May or something?


    Shadaliza Reply:

    June 2011


    John Reply:

    Should be sometime in June.


  2. Emily says:

    When is Season 3 coming out on DVD??


    Lynnpd Reply:

    Season 3 is scheduled to come out on DVD and blu-ray about a month before Season 4 begins in mid June. So, Mid-May.


  3. aaron says:

    i cant wait!


  4. Moonlight91 says:

    3rd Season Release: May 24th
    11th Book Release: May 3rd
    4th Season Premiere: June 11th


  5. Deb says:

    Witch war this season?


  6. Whitney says:

    If the 4th book has anything to do with it I would say so. :]


  7. susi says:

    when will season 4 start in the UK?


    Shadaliza Reply:

    I heard January 2012


  8. lois says:

    is it on may 2011 at what day and what time please


  9. paula says:

    being from the uk, gonna have to wait untill jan 2012 that really does suck!!!!


  10. jelena says:

    OMG!Tonight is THE night!!
    Soo excited.Can’t wait.


  11. lulu says:

    Did anyone notice the book sookie was reading at the table while waiting for eric was by charlaine harris, who knew!


  12. Brandy Marple says:

    When will True Blood season 4 comes out on dvd?


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