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True Blood Season 4’s Dark, Sexy New Fashion Look

HBO’s True Blood is undergoing a chic style transformation this year. Costume Designer, Audrey Fisher talks with THR about Bill Compton, Vampire Eric and Pam’s hot vampire looks in Season 4 — and where to get them.

Now in the midst of Season 4, the Southern vampire thriller has already seen Bill Compton become the King of Louisiana, while Vampire Eric’s memory has been erased and sizzling vampire Pam has been cursed with a flesh-rotting spell.

As the character’s plot arcs have progressed, their costumes have evolved in tandem. As True Blood costume designer Audrey Fisher tells The Hollywood Reporter, Bill Compton (played by Stephen Moyer) is dressing more formally since getting his royal title, while the goth-influenced wardrobes of Pam (Kristin Bauer) and Eric (Alexander Skarsgard) have reached sexy and edgy new heights.

Fisher tells how she links each character’s looks to specific scenes and gives the goods on the labels the vampires wear, from more mainstream ones like Joseph Abboud and Bebe to avant-garde discoveries like Skingraft, Amanda Lew Kee and Germany’s Blessed & Cursed.

Her most exciting find? A pendant necklace and earrings molded from real scorpion stingers.

But there’s one big no-no on set: even if something is made from silver, that bane of vampires, don’t dare say so. “We always say it’s platinum or white gold,” says Fisher.

See examples of this new look see the photos below: