True Blood Season 5 Video Preview: ‘Buried’

Posted by Lynnpd On January - 29 - 201222 COMMENTS

Below is the very first real True Blood Season 5 preview called “Buried.” Only 176 days left before we see the show. Waiting Sucks AGAIN!




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22 Responses to “True Blood Season 5 Video Preview: ‘Buried’”

  1. Tosha via Facebook says:

    Preview my ass! What a tease!


  2. omg…i just watched the preview and i wish there was already more…june cant come any faster!!!


  3. Dawn via Facebook says:

    Wow that was lame!


  4. megan says:

    this made me get even more excited for season 5 than ever! waiting sucks again now though lol…


  5. Cheryl via Facebook says:

    Don’t mean to sound ungrateful but, WTF? Like we don’t already know that Russell is above ground? Really? I was excited to see that? Argh.


  6. Terry via Facebook says:

    When waiting for True Blood It always sucks. Teasers are just soooooooo wrong to Trubies!


  7. Monica via Facebook says:

    They love to toy with us… n they know we love to hate it!! :-D


  8. Monica Williams says:

    Oh, HBO, how you love to toy with us!! … and how we love to hate it!!


  9. Rowena says:

    A reference to Russell’s unearthing? And, what other nifty little secrets will come to light? Thanks for providing, Lynn.


  10. Welcome home, Russell.


  11. callonmebill says:

    That was a waste of my TiVo!


  12. Lamb Of God Fan says:

    Only watched that for the song. LoG fan till I die.


  13. Wish they’d split the season up half now half around Halloween.


  14. LuvMyVamps! says:



  15. lovelylavendar says:

    Very cool!


  16. iamtrue2bill says:

    Uh, OK…..where’s the rest?

    Waiting sucks even more now!


  17. Willkill4Bill says:

    I am not complaining after all it is the first tidbit of the season and there will be more to come.
    I agree with Rowena there is more to be unearthed than Russell though he’s a biggie.
    They do love to tease us. Arggg waiting sucks!


  18. Sandy says:

    Lame yes, but we all have an idea about this tease already don’t we. :} I can sure use a TB “fix” right now!


  19. m says:

    just an off hand question…who else thinks that jason will have any kids from those werepanthers that raped him????


  20. Louisianagirl29 says:

    I don’t know? I bet Crystal will show up pregnant!


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