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True Blood Season 6.03 Title Change to “Abducted” and new castings

SEASON6CASTINGSLast week, we reported that Season 6, episode 3 was to be titled, “Rock Hard Times.” However, the title has been changed to “Abducted.”


Additionally, there is another casting call for this episode as noted below:



[DR. OVERLARK] Male, Caucasian late 40s – 50s. He is the Karl Rove to ‘Governor Burrell’ (Arliss Howard). He has a keen political mind but is also cold, calculating and rutheless…GUEST STAR RECURRING

[HIDO TAKAHASHI] Male, 40s – 60s. Japanese. This university professor is full of himself, but he’s happy to talk about science, himself and his inventions….GUEST STAR RECURRING

[MAGGIE] 35, blonde, pregnant, pissed-off, this woman is upset about her husband, whom she thinks ran off with some girl…ONE DAY GUEST STAR

[OFFICER INNES, OFFICER STUTZ] These two all-business deputies search a cabin…CO-STARS


source: Spoiler TV

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    February 05, 2013

    Thanks, Lynn, for providing this update on episode 3. Much appreciated.


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