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True Blood Season 6 Episode Guide is Now Open!

We’re just as anxious as you are to learn what will happen next on True Blood, so we’ve just opened up our True Blood Season 6 Episode Guide!  The season will start full production next week, so we wanted to be ready for all the news that will begin to flow in for the upcoming season. There is already some music speculation, castings and casting calls that have been added. And, as new information becomes available, we’ll be posting about it and updating the Guide as they come in, so please be sure to visit often to keep yourself updated on Season 6 news.

For your convenience, we’ve placed a handy link to the guide in the menu bar located just above our slider and the banner for it is also located in the slider with a link.

Also, here’s a link to the guide right here, click on it (or the banner below) to see all the goodies that are already there: THE VAULT’S TRUE BLOOD SEASON 6 EPISODE GUIDE.

True Blood Season 6 Episode Guide

The guide includes a menu to the many sections, such as:

  • Episode list with pages for each episode.
  • Casting information that includes all casting calls and individuals who have been cast in castings section.
  • Promo Videos about each episode as they become available.
  • Best Quotations from each episode.
  • Random Thoughts review of each episode.
  • Spoilers about each episode.
  • Music from each episode.
  • Music Speculation – our guesses regarding the title song for each episode.

We hope you use our guide as your window to all things Season 6.  More information should be appearing as Season 6 goes into full production next week.  Can’t wait!