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True Blood Season 6 new cast member in Episode 1

s6spoilersHere’s a new True Blood season 6, episode 1 casting call and spoiler via Spoiler TV via Spoiler Fairy.  Read below:

They must be shooting at least one new scene for episode 6.01 of True Blood; a casting notice just went out for a one-day guest star role: Ms. Suzuki, a Japanese-American in her 40s who is a shrewd businesswoman and makes a deal with Governor Burrell. (I wonder if the fact she’s a one-day guest star means that the deal doesn’t go so well for her?!?)

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    March 06, 2013

    So nice that TB will be adding more ethnically diverse cast members and characters. I hope we get to meet some Asian vampires like in the books. I’d love to see Thalia.


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      March 06, 2013

      Ummm…Thalia is Greek. Akiro and Chow were Asian


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