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True Blood Spec: Rutger Hauer plays Niall, could he also be Warlow?

It’s time for some True Blood Season 6 Speculation!

It has long been confusing to many exactly which character Rutger Hauer is going to play in Season 6 of True Blood. He was first reported to play “Macklyn” – a mysterious and sinister figure with deep ties to Sookie and Jason. (SUSPECTED TO BE WARLOW) and then and ever since he has been reported as playing, “Niall.”

But when HBO sent us the HQ photos of season 6 characters yesterday, we noticed that on the “Credit Sheet” they sent along with the photos that he was officially listed as “Niall Brigant.”  Therefore, in our minds that puts the debate to rest, or does it?

Knowing the True Blood writers as we do, we are aware they never limit themselves and are experts at creating plot twists that surprise us. So, we wonder if perhaps there might just be such a plot twist this season and Mr. Hauer might play both characters?

Certainly this would represent a pretty drastic twist, and we have no evidence to verify it except for the original casting that reported him as playing Warlow and then the one later that listed him as Niall. So, let’s just say this is pure speculation on our part and we’ll have to wait to find out the real truth until June 16.


What do you think? Could Rutger Hauer be both Niall and Warlow? Let us know what your opinion in the comments.


Credit: John P. Johnson/HBO
Rutger Hauer “Niall Brigant”

photo source: HBO

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    I don’t think he fits Charlaine Harris’ description of Niall from the books. Though Hauer is a good looking man, Niall is supposed to be breathtakingly handsome for an older gentleman.From Facebook:


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      May 12, 2013

      So true. Niall of the books has long pale hair that he ties back neatly and sea green eyes. I used to see David Bowie as Niall but strangely I now visualize Ian McKellan as he looks in LOTR, but younger.


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        June 17, 2013

        That’s what I’m thinking. They mentioned Warlow might be more than vamp so possibly him and Niall twin fairy brothers…Lilith turned Warlow and that’s why Niall is keeping tabs on sookie, to protect her for, his crazy ass brother. They showed scenes with rutger in the daylight but I guess a half fairy vampire might be a day walker.

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    Perhaps if Warlow and Niall were twins….that would make more sense if he is playing both characters


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    May 12, 2013

    The preview video clearly shows another actor as Warlow. There isn’t even any comparison physically. I realize this is True Blood and not the books but I see Warlow as an interpretation of Breandan or Lochlan and Neave. But I’m probably wrong. :-)


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      June 17, 2013

      Makeup does wonders though and we’ve really only seen a fanged mouth. Hrd to truly determine from that


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    May 13, 2013

    I don’t think he’s Warlow because Warlow is a vamp. I’ve seen stills of Hauer & Ryan working during the DAY, which would be impossible for a vamp. No daywalkers on TB…..


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    May 15, 2013

    no walking by day?
    clever and straight thinking but
    you will be surprised


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    June 07, 2013

    Rutgers one hell of an actor. He’s played evil crazy parts alot @ his best The Hitcher was the greatest part he’s ever played!! Love this crazy man!!!


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