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True Blood: The Complete First Season summer sale has included True Blood: The Complete First Season Blu-Ray Box in there hot summer sales. The Blu-Ray Box will now cost you only $45.99, the DVD Box sells for $38.49.
If you already bought True Blood’s season 1… you can pre-order the DVD and Blu-Ray of season 2.

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    July 29, 2009

    The smart move is to have season 2 available for Christmas. Sales would go through the roof and they probably could not even meet the demand.


  2. Avatar
    August 17, 2009

    I’ve already pre-orderd Season 2….I’m still awaitin….I need it NOW!! My True Blood and Vampire Bill fix!! Thank goodness, I have Season 1!! Just think..all this started, cause I got the first couple of episodes, from netflix…cause, Stephen Moyer was in it…Now look at me!!! All Glamored!! And hooked on True Blood…I was already, hooked on Stephen Moyer…Now, with him playing the hottie southern vampire..Damn!! Oh Yeah, Baby….Everyone, selling the DVD’s are gonna be in the money..and so, is everone that has any thing to do, with True Blood…Cause, We are All hooked now!!!!!!!!!But, we love it……


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