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True Blood’s Jessica Clark “Lillith” is Back in Season 6


True Blood’s Jessica Clark admitted in an interview with HuffPost Live that we haven’t seen the last of her character of Lillith. She also explained about her costume, well, body paint, that took quite a bit of effort.

Not only is a huge amount of paint applied to her skin, but she has to maintain it throughout the day.

“They made me this cardboard tube, which they had to lower over my head, and then three people had to walk along holding it,” the actress explained. “That was how they would transition me from my dressing room to set … they would have to bring me lunch and semi-feed me because I would stick to things. By the end of the shoot day, I couldn’t even have my arms by my side because everything would stick. So they set up these posts where I could rest my hands.”

Since Jessica reveals that we haven’t seen the last of Lillith, we can look forward to seeing her in Season 6. How do you think she will be used in the new season? Leave us a comment below with your opinions.

Watch the entire interview below.