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Two more castings for True Blood Season 6

True Blood Season 6 is filming the last few episodes for the new season and therefore we can’t imagine that there will be many more additional castings for the new season. Here are the two new cast members found since the last casting notice we posted. You’ll probably recognize the first listing from the premiere episode in 2008.

Could this mean that we might get a flashback to episode 1 and he is still playing the clerk at the Grabbit Quik and we find out his name is F.W.? Or, could it be a new part.  What do you think?


Lorin McCraley
Lorin McCraley

[F.W.] Will be seen in episode 6.4. Not sure what part F.W. is, but he will be played by the same actor who played the Grabbit Quik Clerk in Episode 1.1.

ellen soderberg
Ellen Soderberg

[Courtesan] (probably to King Charles) in episode 6.7




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    June 01, 2013

    ahh Grabbit Kwik Clerk! now i just have to watch the pilot immediately


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