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Video: Janina Gavankar at Indian Film Festival; what’s Luna’s future?

Janina+Gavankar+Arrivals+Veep+Season+2+Premiere+2zLWUMEW_tPlTrue Blood’s Luna, Janina Gavankar is seen in the video below being interviewed at the Indian Film festival which took place on Tuesday, April 9, 2013. Janina talks about her new role in “Arrow,” her singing career and her interest in the festival, but we didn’t find out any tidbits about True Blood and she says she now has some time off, so we’re starting to wonder about Luna’s future.

At the end of Season 5 we saw Luna change into Rev. Newlin.  As all Trubies know, shifting into a person is pretty dangerous and the act actually killed Sam’s brother Tommy, so we’re now wondering the fate of Luna?

Do you have any guesses as to Luna’s future?  Leave us a comment below, if you think you have a theory about what might happen to Luna in Season 6.