Vote for the True Blood Vamps!

Posted by Shadaliza On August - 1 - 200919 COMMENTS

This week is vampire week on Entertainment Weekly, Vampire Bill on the cover and a poll on their website.


Let’s all vote in the poll and get our vamps on the first places:

Deborah Ann Woll is nominated on the Hottest Female Vampire. This is her first poll so let’s make her win it!

Vote here for Deborah

The boys Stephen and Alexander are up against each other (again) on the poll for the Hottest Male Vampire.

Vote here for Stephen or Alexander


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19 Responses to “Vote for the True Blood Vamps!”

  1. Eleonora says:

    Stephen moyer!


  2. Martha says:

    Stephen for sure. alex is cute but not the one that does it for me. but have you seen the poll results. all the teens must be voting. oh no!


  3. LTB a Billsbabe says:

    I voted for Jessica I just love her she is so sweet, cute and sexy. I also voted for Stephen Moyer, he is way too hot not to vote for. Thanks Shad I wouldn’t have known about this if not for you.


  4. Mybabybill says:

    man, they have really loaded the bases this time. I don’t even remember a few of these movies (I’ll just have to watch them again!) But Bill Compton will surely top the field (as always!).


  5. Rowena says:

    I voted for Jessica and Stephen. I very much think it will be Robert Pattinson’s win. But we’ll do our best for our favs.


  6. Kellmeister says:

    Of course I’ll vote for Jessica, but not sure I can even venture to vote in the other poll…why can’t they just pit the TB vamps against the Twilight vamps? Then it would be easier for me to vote.


  7. Kierrah says:

    Why must they make me choose dangit! I should just vote Keifer Sutherland and call it a day. Poor guy isn’t getting any love.


  8. ErinN says:

    In what poll do you ever see Bill beat Eric? Not in this universe. Bill is great too, but Eric is hotter.


  9. Elf Waif says:

    Yea! The Viking wins hottest new vampire with over 40% of the vote!


  10. ErinN says:

    Agree Keirrah. Keifer was hot in Lost Boys… if I remember it is the role that put him on the acting map. He outshined I think Jason Patrick for sure. What is it about the bad boys that just grabs our attention and holds our interest? *sigh


  11. Shadaliza says:

    I will not allow a mud slinging fight here between Bill and Eric fans, they are 2 completely different types of men and one is not better, hotter, more handsome or sexier than the other.


    Elf Waif Reply:

    Funny how when someone shows Eric love they get scolded. Neither Eric comment was over the top or rude in any way. Just showing the other side of the story.


    Shadaliza Reply:

    I did not post my comment to anybody in specific, it is just a warning that I will not allow negative things to be said about either Eric/Alexander or Bill/Stephen.

    With every damn poll it always comes to this and I am so sick of Team Bill and Team Eric, let’s just all join Team True Blood and live happily ever after.


    JMS Reply:

    Amen, Shad.

    Let’s not be hatin’!
    We’re all fellow Trubies here! :o)


    Moyerbabe Reply:

    Thank YOU, Shad!

    I lurk here everyday, Shad knows this to be true probably by my UPI#. To tell you the truth, I have become a bit afraid to post because of how negative people can be. Can’t we all just agree that these two men are both great looking, talented, actors, and good people in their own right. It’s like comparing apples and oranges, even though they look different, they are both good looking, taste great, mix well with each other,and are good for you. Some people prefer one over the other, and thats okay because we don’t all have the same tastes whether it be fruit or men!

    Even though I am a Stephen Moyer/Bill Compton fan, and voted for him on this poll about a hundred times, I also can appreciate how someone can be a fan of Alex/Eric. In fact, even though I am Team Bill, there have been times in the past when I have voted for Alex when Stephen was not nominated because of my devotion to team True Blood. After all, TB’s vampires ARE the hottest vampires on the face of the planet!If my favorite vamp (BC/SM) is not nominated and Alex/Eric is, you bet your fangs I am going to vote for him, especially if he is up against sparkle boy!


    Shadaliza Reply:

    Thank you Moyerbabe :)


  12. Billsgirl says:

    I voted for Stephen. I like Alex, but I’ve always preferred men with dark hair (and blue eyes *sigh*). Alex is too much like most of the men here in Minnesota/Wisconsin, even talks like them. I grew up around guys with ancestry from Norway and Sweden… Just doesn’t do it for me. Am glad that the vamps in True Blood are making a showing.


  13. hi my fellow “true blood’s”.
    i would like and love to say that i voted for the deep dark hot & sexy hauntingly soulfully toutured vampire that is indeed “bill compton” a.k.a “stephen moyer”.
    and i also like and love to add that i also voted for “Deborah ann woll” who is the flamed haired beautifully hot & sexy new female vampire on the female vampire sceene a.k.a “Jessica Hamby”.
    anyhow please do take care have fun be safe rock on.
    from your fellow “true blood”.
    clare j o’farrell.
    “i love-love-love “true blood” it rock’s-rock’s-rock’s”.
    “i love-love-love “bill compton” he rock’s-rock’s-rock’s”.
    “i love-love-love “bill & sookie” thay rock-rock-rock”.
    “i love-love-love “sookie stackhouse” she rock’s-rock’s-rock’s”.


  14. Christina says:

    Eric is the hottest and coolest vampire ever! those shoulders…..


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