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What is Stephen Moyer’s Favorite Musical?, Sweeney Todd of Course!

All the True Blood fans of Stephen Moyer will finally get to see him on stage. There have only been glimpses of Stephen singing and dancing in True Blood, but now there’s an opportunity of seeing him in a full on stage musical production  when he appears at the end of July at the Hollywood Bowl in “Chicago.”

But as Stephen recounted in a recent interview, theater is something that he grew up with in his native England, having started around age 10 in amateur musical productions before graduating to professional companies to perform Shakespeare and other classics.

“I did something like 62 musicals by the time I was 18,” he recalled. The actor was speaking by phone in a car traveling on Fairfax Avenue, but he was ebullient and eager to talk about theater. He said he eventually helped found a theater company so that he could do straight plays.

I had only done musicals up to that point. Growing up, there was nowhere near me to do plays. So I set up my own theater company with friends and started directing. I ran that for quite a while,” he recounted.

After school, he embarked on a number of stage productions including the musical “Oliver!” for the National Theatre Wales and a six-hour production of Sophocles’ Oedipus plays directed by Adrian Noble.

I was in the chorus — we were onstage for the whole six hours,” said Moyer. “We had these songs and dance numbers — it was quite tribal.

Other productions included the lead in Shakespeare’s “Romeo and Juliet” for the Oxford Stage Company that toured Britain and traveled to Japan, and a production of the Pete Townshend rock opera “The Iron Man” at the Young Vic in London.

Moyer’s casting in “Chicago” came about via a somewhat indirect route. The actor said that conductor Rob Fisher — who led the 1996 Broadway revival and will also lead the Bowl production — was a fan of “True Blood” and saw an episode in which Stephen’s character, the vampire Bill Compton, sang and played piano during the second season.

So I think he got it into his mind that I would play Billy Flynn,” said Moyer, who has never performed “Chicago” before.

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