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Win Two tickets to Attend True Blood’s Season 6 Premier Party

How would you like to go to the True Blood Season 6 Premiere Party? Here’s your chance.

Just think, you and a guest could win providing you with the opportunity join the cast, crew and other VIPs at the exclusive True Blood Season 6 premiere party!

Over at is an auction where you can bid to win 2 tickets to the Season 6 Premiere party. And, not only that, but you will also be supporting the Academy of Television Arts and Sciences since 100% of the proceeds from this auction will benefit the Academy of Television Arts & Sciences Foundation, a 501 ( c ) ( 3 ) non-profit organization dedicated to preserving and celebrating the medium of television and educating those who will impact its future.


The date has not yet been set for the Premiere Party but it will be in the summer of 2013 in Los Angeles, CA, at a to be determined venue.

Read more about it at:


6 Comment responses

  1. Avatar
    December 06, 2012

    I so wish I had the money to bid. *Sigh*


  2. Avatar
    December 06, 2012

    I wish that on occasion they would have contests that allowed the average person (which is most of us reading) an opportunity to win a great prize. Instead, they are all biased towards those with large cash flow. I understand that these are all for charity, and I am very supportive of that, but it is most discouraging to know that these contests eliminate all but a select few. Does it ALWAYS have to be about the money?


    • Avatar
      December 07, 2012

      I fully agree. Every time I see it say “win” I think that it’ll be an actual sweepstakes type of contest where us average people can just enter our names and info and then there will be a drawing. But it never is, usually.


  3. Avatar
    December 07, 2012

    I don’t have the $$ to participate, and even more so at the Christmas season. So I just read and wish those who have the money to bid the best of luck. I hear what you’re saying, ladies.


  4. Avatar
    December 13, 2012

    It sure would be cool if TB would ‘pony up’ for a fan to win a drawing for air fare, hotel, and 2 tickets to the premiere, or a visit to the set, wouldn’t it?
    Sigh….that would be like winning the lottery! (Well, almost)


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