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Meet the Owners: Shadaliza and Lynn

Meet the Owners: Shadaliza and Lynn

Shadaliza created The Vault – in the fall of 2008, not being familiar with the world of fandom at all, she had no idea what to expect. In no time the little website grew out to be one of the leading True Blood fansites visited daily by thousands of fans and also recognized and appreciated by HBO, cast and crew.

In 2009, Shadaliza invited Lynnpd to join her as a contributor to the site and their partnership was born. In December 2010, they launched a web site dedicated to True Blood star, Stephen Moyer and named it As co-owners of the sites, today they share full responsibility for the sites and work closely together to continue to bring True Blood and Stephen Moyer news to the fans.

In close collaboration with several actors of the show we have undertaken numerous fundraisers, raising over $55,000 for various charitable organizations.



Shadaliza is Dutch and moved to Florence, Italy many years ago. Her passion for the Internet and TV series led to the creation of and, which she co-manages with Lynn.

She combines her love for writing, history and her home region Tuscany in her blog intoFlorence and

Shadaliza works as a freelance Web Marketing and WordPress Manager and translator, more info can be found on her professional website.




As her marketing skills and avid interest in Internet and web design grew, Lynn established her own web design company LYNNPDesign in 1999. She holds a degree in Painting and has always loved art, but after working at a University as it’s Registrar and Admissions Rep for over 20 years she realized that creating websites was what she wanted to do. In 2010 she moved herself from Philadelphia to Los Angeles and now manages and owns her own website at

Lynn has been sharing the management of the sites with Shadaliza since 2009 and attends press events for the sites that are related in the LA area. This has provided her many opportunities to interview creative people in addition to providing information for classic movie and Stephen Moyer fans, see more at