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Anna Camp Talks Sarah Newlin On the Run

Anna Camp Talks Sarah Newlin On the Run



True Blood’s Anna Camp plays probably the most crazy character on the show in Sarah Newlin. This season Sarah is on the run from the Yakuza and vampires, but she may have found her salvation: her own blood. If she can cure her own vampire sister of Hep-V, then who else might want a little taste?

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What’s it like to be back on True Blood as both the villain and the cure?
[Laughs.] It’s definitely been a fascinating part to play. There’s a lot going on for her now — Sarah decided to become a Buddhist, and she truly believes that she is now, and [that] doing so sort of absolves her of all guilt. She thinks that it’s getting her off the hook. She truly believes that. And she’s losing her mind.


So you don’t think it absolves her?
Absolutely not. [Laughs.]

So let’s talk about this cure. Sarah drank the antidote, her vampire sister drank her, and now her sister is healed. Why do you think Sarah drank the antidote in the first place? As insurance against vampires killing her? Or so she could heal anyone?
As an actor, I can play it one of two ways: I’m either trying to save my own ass by doing this, which is an interesting way, or the really psychotic way is, I truly believe now that I am here now to save this world. And ultimately, maybe Sarah’s subconscious is definitely trying to save her own ass, but the way you play it is completely one-hundred percent, full-on, “I’m here for the good of God. I’m here for the good of the world.”

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But I think in that moment when she’s deciding, when she drinks the cure, I don’t think she’s even realizing what she’s doing. I think she realizes after, when she goes to this Buddhist retreat, something dawns on her. I don’t even know if she was planning on telling people. I don’t think she’s that smart, or that manipulative. I think when she goes to the retreat, she realizes these things, and then she starts to believe that God has this master plan for her, because ultimately, she still believes that God or the Buddha or whoever, this higher power, has called on her. She believes someone made her drink it. God gave her the idea to drink it, so now she’s this vessel of love and light. She thinks she’s here to save her sister and humankind, just like Jesus Christ. It’s really messed up! [Laughs.] She’s completely psychotic. She’s lost her mind for Jesus. In this world, I am the new Messiah. She believes she’s been sent to save both the vampire race and the human race. I’m not trying to destroy them anymore. She completely believes this was all meant to be and this all happened for a reason, and she’s just so desperate to get out. She’s a very desperate woman, and I think she’s about to get her comeuppance.

Who do you think is the biggest threat to her? The Yakuza, Eric, all the other Hep-V-infected vampires?
I think the biggest threat to her this season is Eric and Pam, because what they witnessed Sarah doing to them and the other vampires at the vamp camp. They want to exact their revenge on her, because she actually tortured them. I think they’re ready to snap at any moment when they see her. I don’t have any weapons, the only thing that I have is my manipulative mind, so I try to talk a lot of people out of doing bad things to me, so it’s been interesting to see how far that gets me. [Laughs.]

It seems like most of the time, her manipulation is about sex and power. Sexiness is next to godliness, for her…
For her, yeah. [Laughs.] That’s how she channels her power, and it’s something holy for her. And she definitely loves men. She wants to impress the men she’s with. Maybe perhaps she has some daddy issues from her past? She needs that support, and she needs that love, because she’s looking for love, too. She just really goes about it in a really messed up way, sort of using the men to justify her actions. In using Governor Burrell, she gained power, and she was attracted to that. She really wanted to be where he was. With the guru, she thought the closer she got to the guru, the more guilt-free she would be, and the more at peace and enlightened she would become. And in doing so, I mean, she doesn’t have to sleep with these people, but that’s what Sarah does to get what she wants. But in a normal world, if she were a normal human being and if she could just go back and fit in with society, Jason would represent what she would want in real life. Like in another lifetime, they would have been perfect for each other … if she wasn’t so insane. With him, she just gets her carnal needs met — he does that for lots of women!

It’s the last season of True Blood and the last season of Mad Men …
I know, it’s so sad! I can’t believe it’s the end of an era. And everyone’s expectations are so high for both of these amazing shows, and I know audiences want so many different things. I like shows when they’re kind of left open-ended. I hope that both shows sort of leave us wanting more, leave us with Sookie not knowing her future, and Don Draper not knowing what’s going to happen, but having them both learn about love. They don’t necessarily need to find love, but I feel like they need to learn about loving.


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  1. Avatar
    July 28, 2014

    I think Violet could maybe give Sarah a run for her money in the crazy department.  So, Mrs. Newlin thinks she’s a Buddha and can save the world.  We’ll see how far that gets her.  She did save her sister which is a plus.  I look for her to get hers before too much longer.  Kudos to Anna Camp who plays crazy Sarah so very well.


  2. Avatar
    July 28, 2014

    Love Anna Camp. She did such wonderful things with Sarah Newlin. Can’t wait to see Sarah get her just deserts.


  3. Avatar
    July 28, 2014

    Sarah is a nutcase to put it simply.  A  therapist  would have a field day with her and probably make a nice living devoting their entire practice to her. Anna has done a remarkable job  with this character.


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