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Best True Blood sex scenes

Best True Blood sex scenes

TVLine is looking back at the steamy encounters that kept our ‘ships afloat for seven seasons of True Blood. From Bill and Sookie’s too-real romp in the graveyard in Season 1 to Eric and Jason’s not-real-enough Season 7 encounter, they managed to narrow down the 10 scenes we’ll probably never stop replaying in our heads.

Note: Notice how Steve Newlin’s head has been stragetically placed on some of the photos to make them more “acceptable to all viewers.

Do these choices coincide with your idea of the best sex scenes on True Blood? 


Season 1, Episode 8 Sookie & Bill

It’s amazing anything still shocks True Blood viewers anymore, considering this Season 1 scene found Sookie literally pulling her boyfriend out of his grave and banging him in a cemetery. (It should go without saying: Do not try this at home!)


Season 2, Episode 7 The Entire Population of Bon Temps

You know, there haven’t been nearly as many town-wide orgies ever since Maryann “moved away” from Bon Temps. (I had to put the Steve Newlin heads to work for this one.)


Season 3, Episode 3 Bill & Lorena

We know sex can be so good it makes your toes curl… but so good it makes your head spin around? That’s a True Blood original right there. (We’re not even going to address how gross it was that Bill was basically having sex with his mom, no we’re not.)


Season 3, Episode 8 Eric & Talbot

Combining pain with pleasure like never before, this memorable moment of mounting also appeared in our “best deaths” gallery — for obvious reasons. (R.I.P., sweet Talbot. At least you died doing what you loved!)


Season 4, Episode 8 Sookie & Eric

Sookie and Eric’s Season 4 romance feels like a distant dream after everything we’ve been through since — so it’s fitting that most of their relationship was basically an extended dream sequence. The term “Winter Wonderland” will always have sexual connotations to me, now and forever.


Season 4, Episode 9 Jason & Jessica

Jessica being eternally 17, is it any surprise she and Jason got down to Taylor Swift’s “Haunted” in the back of a pick-up truck? (Sorry, Hoyt!)


Season 4, Episode 9  Sookie, Bill and Eric

Even if it was all a dream, it was strangely liberating to see Sookie realize she doesn’t always have to choose; sometimes she can just have both! Is this not America, after all?


Season 5, Episode 1 Eric and Nora

Who knew Eric Northman’s attic was full of flowers? As uncomfortable as this moment of incest was, it was all worth it for Eric’s incredible line: “We fight like siblings, but we f–k like champions.” Outstanding.


Season 7, Episode 2

This out-of-nowhere dream sequence was clearly a “thank you” gift to longtime fans of the series. “I just remember Alex and I laughing a lot,”


Season 7, Episode 9 Eric and Ginger

After seven long, thirsty seasons, über groupie Ginger finally got a ride on the throne with her Viking king — and it was everything we imagined it would be. “I was sore the next day and exhausted that evening,”



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Written by Lynnpd

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  1. Avatar
    August 20, 2014

    Great selections.  Before the graveyard romp, when Sookie ran across the cemetery into Bill’s waiting arms, and they had sex on the floor in front of his fireplace … WOW!!! My jaw dropped and I stared for all I was worth.  That was a stunner for me.  And the scene was basically repeated this season.


  2. Avatar
    August 20, 2014

    The graveyard scene is my #2 selection and my #1 is same as Rowena’s selection: Bill and Sookies first time together. The romantic anticipation combined with the graphic realism of vampire sex is something America was seeing in a large platform for first time – I know I was; it had it all!


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