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Blood Work! True Blood vlog True Blood 5.12 – Save Yourself

Finally, we get Andy and Brian’s recap of the finale Episode of True Blood Season 5. Some say the world will end in fire, others in ice. If this season’s Blood Work! finale is any indication, both might be a little bit right – because the signature cocktail of The Rapture is officially CAJUN MARGARITAS.

Brian and Andy from deliver a jalapeno-laced critical wrap-up of The Authoritaay’s swan song, multiple fairy births, hot ghost dads, and of course the 300 pound bloody merkin in the room: Bilith. Plus, the winners of this year’s giveaway! (Yes, that’s a plural.) Enjoy!


Written by Shadaliza

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    September 11, 2012

    Thanks, Brian and Andy. Your commentary is always entertaining. Now that I’ve had some time to think about the finale, I would give it 6 or 6 1/2 Grace Joneses. I agree that Lafayette had little to do (for most of the season, actually); Jason has turned into a vampire hater; sadly Hoyt is gone; poor Jessica has been spurned by Jason, and will no doubt be neglected by Bill, who has turned into a bloody god. I didn’t dislike the Authority story line as much as you all did; however, I was tiring of it toward the end of the season. Sam and Luna were fun to watch, and it was a treat to have Jane Bodehouse back. I really began to weary of Lilith walking around naked, covered in blood, and saying “drink me” to assorted vampires. Rosalyn’s death was spectacular. Not sure how I feel about Andy and his half-fae babies. We’ll see what comes of that next season. The Ifrit story line did nothing for me. I agree that Arlene had little to do this season. And while I understand that Russell Edgington had to go, he will be missed. He’s such a spectacular villain. We’ll still have Steve Newlin, though, for Season 6. I’m grateful he’ll be around. Alcide and the pack master story line was okay. More Alcide and Rikki, please. They were hot together. I lament the loss of the Bill Compton I fell in love with in Season 1. I hate the idea of Bill as the big bad for next season. He’ll probably share that distinction with Warlow. Maybe Bill will be redeemed somehow, but at this point I’m not too hopeful.


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    September 12, 2012

    why does it smell like the end of this series?
    i loved s1, it was new and exiting, s2 and maryann was really good, s3 and russell was by far the best, s4 was interesting with the evolution of eric’s caracter, s5 boom! except for russell(killed), a few fun situations, the storylines go everywhere and absolutely no where. i hope hoyt will come back, his relationship with vampire could bring more, what about lafayette one of my favorite caracters….it ends in a sort of mess with new entity warlow adding to the confusion. the multiple stories inside the story are not the problem, they have to make some sense. i am not so desperate bill turns to the dark side, let’s hope they find something good to do about it. by the way, the ep directed by stephen moyer was really good, he sould definitly continue going in that direction.


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    September 12, 2012

    Andy and Brian have been so depressing and annoying all season. They clear hated this season, and it’s reflected in their recaps. It’s unfortunate that these two smart and funny guys can’t figure out what they are watching. Oh, well. I hope they enjoy S6 more than S5.


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    September 12, 2012

    Merkin on your mind. lol

    Andy, oh no you gave up on Bill – don’t – somehow, someway there will be a decent resolution (I hope). Yes his Billith fangs are extra long, I noticed too.

    Brian – “Here comes Fairy Boo Boo” x 4 too funny

    As for season 6 nothing new please! Billith, Eric and females in tow, Faries and Warlow with the other characters at Merlotts plus the wolves – that’s more than enough to fill 10 shows.

    Thanks guys….see and hear you after the long wait.


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