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BMW sponsors HBO shows including True Blood

BMW sponsors HBO shows including True Blood

truebloodTrue Blood gets sponsorship from BMW who has signed a deal with the Multi Channel Network (MCN) in Australia to become the exclusive automobile sponsor of Foxtel movies, the Showcase channel and top HBO programs.

The deal will see BMW sponsor top HBO shows Game of Thrones, True Blood, Boardwalk Empire as well as Showcase’s Breaking Badand Sons of Anarchy.

BMW will use the sponsorship to be promote the 3 Series, M Sport, X1 and X5 with the luxury car brand’s branding to be seen on TV and pre-rolls on Foxtel’s Go ipad service.

BMW will also be sponsoring the new seasons of HBO’s Girls, Enlightened, Witness, Weep, Newsroom, Eastbound and Down and Treme.

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