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Carrie Preston talks about Arlene’s baby situation

Carrie Preston talks about Arlene’s baby situation

In the last episode of True Blood, Episode 3.11, Fresh Blood, Arlene, with Holly’s wiccan help, started the process to end her pregnancy, but to Terry’s joy, her initial attempt was unsuccessful.  Will this be resolved before the end of Season 3?  Below Kristin of reveals some information shared by Carrie Preston:

Jessica in Tenn.: Are we going to see something happen with Arlene’s baby situation before the end of the season on True Blood?

As a matter of fact, Mrs. Carrie Preston assures us we will…well, kinda. “Arlene is still very conflicted. But there’s going to be a resolution to the conflict,” she says, “But it’s also going to be open-ended.” Either she’s speaking in tongues or my Emmy (lack of sleep and too much ginger ale) hangover is worse than I thought. Does that make any sense to anyone? Carrie’s equally wonderful hubby Michael Emerson weighed in on the baby drama, saying, “I mean, we have to see the baby,” to which she responded, “If there is a baby…” Now I’m really stumped. She’s not pulling a Terri Schuester is she? Or preggo with some sort of supernatural somethin’? The mind boggles.


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    August 30, 2010

    I have no idea what Carrie means. I attribute my lack of understanding to the lateness of the hour and one too many glasses of wine.


  2. Avatar
    August 30, 2010

    Well the baby could come as normal, but, since Rene was a killer who hated vamps, and BT is a bit abnormal, I’ll say anything goes!


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