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Celebrating Christmas on the Atlantic with Facing The Atlantic

Celebrating Christmas on the Atlantic with Facing The Atlantic

The Facing the Atlantic boys may be celebrating Christmas this year in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean, but that doesn’t mean they won’t have the Christmas spirit. While the day will be a busy one as they keep to their schedule of rowing they will be signing carols and also singing the national anthem.

When we interviewed Bertie last April asking if they would have any modern conveniences on the boat, he said that they planned to drink a toast on Christmas, with champagne. Here’s what he said:


Any modern conveniences?
BERTIE: ”Not many. We will have our modern equipment like our GPS, radio phone, desalination machine, etc. but not much more. Since the row will take approximately 60 to 90 days, one luxury I do want to take is a bottle of champagne to have on Christmas.”  I sure hope they get to do that, what a treat it will be!


Below is a video recorded before they set off on their journey across the sea where the teams talk about Christmas and send Christmas wishes to their loved ones.  What a treat to see this!


MERRY CHRISTMAS! from Talisker Whisky on Vimeo.


Also, you can listen to James Cash speak from the boat which was broadcast this morning on BBC Radio London.  Bertie was manning the oars as James spoke to the BBC. In the interview, James talks about the temperature being colder than he thought and that they are constantly soaking wet.  He also talks about Facing the World, the charity they are doing all this for.

Listen by going to this link: Forward to about 1.44 minutes and you will get just over 5 minutess of broadcasting!


We’re so proud to be even a small part of their amazing adventure and we wish them both a very “Happy Christmas” and all our wishes are sent to them for a safe and successful voyage.


You can make a direct donation to Facing The Atlantic here :

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    December 23, 2011

    What a beautiful Christmas video from those participating in the row. I will raise a glass on both Christmas Day and New Year’s Eve to Bertie, James and all the intrepid rowers.

    Godspeed to all the participants, and especially Bertie and James.


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