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Contest Giveway: Janet Cadsawan Necklace worn on True Blood

Contest Giveway: Janet Cadsawan Necklace worn on True Blood

During True Blood’s final season 7, the new character, Mr. Gus wears a necklace that was designed by Janet Cadsawan for Alma Katsu’s book series “The Taker”. In 2011, Kristin Bauer van Straten and Janet Cadaswan teamed up to make a necklace to sell for charity, read about it here.


Ms. Katsu has decided to give away one of the necklaces to a True Blood fan.

She writes:

As you may be aware, Janet Cadsawan is the designer of jewelry for many literary properties and several of her pieces have appeared on True Blood. Janet designed a necklace for my books (The Taker Trilogy) and told me that it’s being worn by Will Yun Lee (Mr. Gus) this season. Since I’m a big True Blood fan, I decided to hold this contest to celebrate this.

A little background, in case you’re unfamiliar with The Taker books: they’re published by Simon & Schuster in the US and Random House UK, and have been published in about a dozen languages worldwide. They’ve been compared a lot to early Anne Rice and Diana Gabaldon’s Outlander, and Charlaine Harris has been kind enough to blurb the books.

Vial necklace #2turned


The contest will open at 7 AM ET on August 14th and close at midnight ET on August 19th. To enter, send an email to It is limited to US only.

Written by Lynnpd

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    August 14, 2014

    Sweet! Thanks for the details.  By the way, I have the elephant necklace that Kristin helped designed and it is gorgeous! one of my favorite pieces.  In case anyone needed a review.  :)


  2. Avatar
    August 14, 2014

    Thank you. I just entered. Good luck to everyone.


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