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Deborah Ann Woll interview with Sky Magazine

Deborah Ann Woll interview with Sky Magazine

Sky Magazine interviewed Deborah Ann Woll about her role in True Blood as the vampire Jessica.  The readers of Sky Magazine are about to end viewing Season 1, so when Deborah speaks of her future in the role, she is mainly speaking of Season 2.

Are you enjoying your role?
Are you kidding? It’s fantastic. I’m a very reserved person so to get on set and be totally crazy and wild is the greatest.

How are you coping with the vampire fangs? Ever bite your lip?
They’re pointy. I’m a bit of a klutz. And it’s a little hard kissing with them in, I’ll say. I have to be very careful.

What do you think is in store for Jessica?
Teen angst. The teens are tough enough without being a vampire and an outcast.

I like this balance between sweetness and danger that we’ve been playing with and I would like to see more of that continue. And what is it that provokes her to go in either direction? [Show creator] Alan Ball has said that it’s about 50% book and 50% his own creation. My character is entirely Alan’s and the writers’ so I don’t get any clues.

Why do you think we’re so fascinated by vampires?
I always get asked this and I need to come up with an answer. Vampires look like us, they talk like us, they blend into society and yet they’re absolutely different. They can be incredibly warm and giving but also terrifying.

I think what we see is a little bit of that fear of evil walking amongst us but the flip side of the same coin is that absolute allure of this unknown creature that seems to know more and be more than you

What is the vibe like on set?
We all get along really well. I’m told that I’ll be spoiled by this set. There’s not an ego in the bunch, and I’ve been told that ego is a problem in Hollywood.

This is your first major role, are you being recognised by fans?
I’ve never had anything like that before. I don’t get it very often. I don’t leave the house very often so it’s not a problem. I also dress pretty sloppy but I’ll get it if I’m loitering in the grocery store.
I’m off to film an episode of Law & Order in New York.

Victim or killer?
Maybe a bit of both, who knows!


Written by Lynnpd

Lynnpd has an avid interest in the entertainment industry from classic movies to all things True Blood. With a background in art, she enjoys creating in Photoshop, running web sites and finds the internet an exciting place to be. Lynn lives in the LA area and attends as many Hollywood related events as she can. She has covered events for the both websites in the LA area; read all about it at

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    February 13, 2010

    Thanks for posting, Lynn. Deborah Ann is such s sweetheart. I love the character of Jessica and what she brings to the show. Good to get Deborah’s insights on Jessica, teen vamps and working on True Blood.


    • Avatar
      February 13, 2010

      Oh dear, I am having problems with my “s” and “a” keys. Should be “such a sweetheart.”


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    February 14, 2010

    Deborah Ann is fabulous as Jessica. I can’t wait to see what is in store for her in S3.


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