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Deborah Ann Woll on Jessica losing her virginity over and over

Deborah Ann Woll on Jessica losing her virginity over and over

Vanessa Grigoriadis of Rolling Stone interviewed Deborah Ann Woll about Jessica, baby vamp on True Blood and part of this interview is below:

Jessica, the 17-year-old “baby vampire,” is one of the few characters that Alan Ball added to “True Blood’s” script from Charlaine Harris’ original book series. She was a virgin when Bill Compton “made” her in Season One, which means that sex is always going to be painful for her: Vampire wounds heal immediately, so her hymen can’t stay permanently torn. Deborah Ann Woll, a Brooklyn-born actress, shares some of the secret vampire knowledge she’s gained from performing the role.

Do you think sex is something that will ever become pleasurable for Jessica, since she has an intact hymen?
I think if you resist it and it’s a problem for you, then it’s going to hurt. But if you can somehow release into it and let go and allow it to be that moment of pain that leads to greater pleasure, then that’s a very adult, grown-up way of looking at sex. I’m not sure Jessica’s at that point yet, but I hope she would be with time.

What do you think it felt like to be “made” a vampire by Bill?
I think it hurt a lot. It was traumatic. But it’s also a magical process. When you make someone, essentially you drain them of their blood almost to the point of death, where there’s still just a spark of life left, and then you feed them yours, your vampiric blood, to replenish theirs, which is why they then have your blood in them. It’s a very strong bond.

Do you think that “True Blood” has made you more comfortable with blood, gore and death?
I’ve always been comfortable with blood and gore. I’m a big genre fan. I love science fiction and fantasy and horror. Pretty much all the old Universal pictures with Frankenstein and Dracula and The Creature From the Black Lagoon – all that stuff is really great. I used to watch it all the time, so I love horror movies, and monster stories are really fascinating for what they represent. I’ve been a big nerd my whole life

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    September 07, 2010

    Deborah Ann’s thoughts about a moment or two of pain leading to great pleasure is a very mature way of looking at Jess’s hymen situation. Here’s hoping our baby vamp will adopt that outlook. It’s always a pleasure to read an interview with Deborah Ann.


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