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Deborah Ann Woll seeks awareness and funding to fight Choroideremia

Deborah Ann Woll seeks awareness and funding to fight Choroideremia

deborahannwoll_1Media Planet recently put together a special pull-out section for USA Today titled “Vision & Hearing News”. Part of this special pull-out featured an interview with True Blood’s Jessica, Deborah Ann Woll. Deborah talked about her relationship with EJ Scott and their efforts to bring awareness and funding to the Choroideremia Research Foundation.

Here’s a portion of Deborah Ann’s interview:
Mediaplanet: What is the most difficult part about Choroideremia (CHM) for you and EJ?
Deborah Ann Woll: I often feel very helpless. While we can fundraise, try to talk about the disease and help people cope with it, we can’t actually control the trials or their outcome. It’s up to science and nature to decide whether EJ and the other sufferers of this disease will retain their sight. That’s hard for me as an observer to deal with and I imagine even more difficult for those with the condition. I know EJ struggles, especially watching his family go through it. We want to give them their sight back so badly, but there is nothing we can do but hope our fundraising gives the doctors what they need.
MP: How do you cope with this struggle on a daily basis?
DAW: I wouldn’t say we struggle with it daily, but it is present on a daily basis. Logistically, living in sunny LA is difficult for EJ, who is very light sensitive, and we have to be extra vigilant about organization so that he doesn’t lose things or trip over anything. But mostly I think you love each other, have patience and try to understand things from the other persons perspective. It’s not too different from any other challenge in a relationship.
Please help us raise awareness of the cause by sharing this information and thank you for your support! You can also donate directly and safely to the Choroideremia Research Foundation by credit card or Paypal using the PayPal button here below. Donations are tax deductible for US residents.

read the rest of the article here:

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