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Episode 4.11 recap “Soul of Fire”

Episode 4.11 recap “Soul of Fire”

Below is a video recap of this week’s True Blood episode 4.11 showing us the hightlights that happened.

Well, Antonia sure has started a mess. In the video below we see what happened in tonight’s episode of True Blood when the Vampires fought against the witches.

Written by Lynnpd

Lynnpd has an avid interest in the entertainment industry from classic movies to all things True Blood. With a background in art, she enjoys creating in Photoshop, running web sites and finds the internet an exciting place to be. Lynn lives in the LA area and attends as many Hollywood related events as she can. She has covered events for the both websites in the LA area; read all about it at

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    September 04, 2011

    The only thing that i hate about this season is the lenght of the episodes… last year they lasted around 53-54 minutes and tonight 39 minutes… I can’t wait next week with Marine inside Lafayette :/


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    September 04, 2011

    Yep, I think tonight was the shortest epi this season, but I think all the rest have been pretty long. I predicted several things in this episode correctly, like Marnie coming back and using Laffy as her body, but I have no real idea what’s going to happen next week!!
    TB- wild and woolly like always…nice touch with drinking out of the aorta like a straw btw….


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    September 04, 2011

    The earlier episodes this season were quite a bit longer. Tonight’s was about 48 or 49 minutes. The past few have been rather short IMO. Wondering why. A high body count in this episode. Lafayette channeling Marnie … should be interesting to say the least. Jason and Jessica seem destined to be. Andy with a fae? I did not expect that. Erie and Bill working together … I liked that. Still absorbing all that went on.


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    September 05, 2011

    RIP finally Antonia.


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    September 05, 2011

    After watching this season 4, I am thinking they could use a
    new writing staff. They do not seem to know what to do with feisty Tara!
    I like her part in the series, and they, meaning the writers, and AB need to
    seriously fix her part.

    The whole hillbilly love orgy with Jason, was uck! Although,
    I think like some of you, that Lil Red Riding Hood, might be Crystal.
    But in one way, it kind of makes more sense for Debbie to
    dress up as Lil Red Riding Hood, since she is a werewolf. Well kind of? If you
    know what I mean.

    I am glad Bad Ass Eric is back! I did love the scene where
    Eric turned Roy’s heart into a
    sippy cup!

    Tara needs to remind her friend
    Sookie, how Bill, set up the Rattrays to beat her until she almost died. Even
    if he was following orders. Her character started off strong, and now is wimpy.
    I guess her lightning hands come in handy sometimes.

    About the scene where Eric pointedly told his prodigy Pam,
    not to fire that bazooka. It was a direct order. It reminded me of the speech Bill
    was giving Jessica, about the consequences of not obeying your maker. I cannot remember
    exactly what he told her would happen, if she tried to not obey him? Not that
    these writers would necessarily follow what was claimed back a couple of
    seasons ago.

    Did they really think that awful suicide scene, for Eric and Bill was the only way to go? That was just too dumb, and hardly vampiric lol!

    I wish AB would of tried harder to get Bubba in the series.
    I miss Bubba!

    I don’t think Debbie ever got over her Cooter dying. Somehow that relationship worked for her. I think Brit Morgan did a great job with this character. You were supposed to hate her. And she sure made us do that.

    I also like a lot of others, loved the abjured scene that Alcide did.

    I love the Sam character; he has that dangerous side to him. Like they said in one of the episodes, you do not want to cross this guy.

    They said someone else would die, and they keep sowing that
    hand with blood dripping. I hope that is not Hoyt. I am thinking it may be
    though. Or possibly Jesus?

    Alan Ball, are you really reading these scripts before giving them an ok? Also, whose idea was it to cut 10 min from the episodes each week? Just saying, I pay HBO to watch their shows. Give me my money’s worth.
    Bad writing or not, I will still turn in next week.


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    September 07, 2011

    Hmm interesting the editing was done to focus on Eric/Sookie instead of the fact that both Bill and Eric were concerned for her and willing to die for her, even flashing back to their scene in ep10. I wonder if that’s an indication we’ll get some kind of resolution with them in the finale?


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