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Fangtastic Fashion Favorites – True Blood Episode 5.01

Fangtastic Fashion Favorites – True Blood Episode 5.01

Five Fangtastic Favorites for season Five…with Five being the lowest and One being the highest Favorite.

The following fashion choices are based on the comments that have been posted by fans on Twitter and Facebook.  So it’s an overall judgement from social medias out there as well as a personal view too.

What were you favorite outfits on the season premiere? Post about it in the comments.


#5  ‘Love me’ Rev Steve Newlin

How good-looking was Steve in his slacks, plaid shirt and sweater? He looked like butter wouldn’t melt until he revealed those fangs! Great work Rev Newlin we definitely love having you back!


#4 ‘Cherry Bomb’ Jessica

This dress is so stunning on Jessica and according to True Blood costume designer Audrey Fisher she states in a recent tweet that the dress is Betsey Johnson. The fit is amazing, Jessica looks amazing and she is definitely coming out of her shell.


#3 ‘Red Riding Hood’ Jessica

Adorned in the most gorgeous red silk cape Jessica glides in towards Jason like Red Riding Hood, vamp style. Under the robe a dazzling one piece strapless Teddy is revealed leaving her prey spellbound by her beauty.  Jessica suits these lovely lace numbers and it is great to see her be adventurous and confident in her skin.


#2 Ravishing Rikki

With the Wolf pack on the hunt for their missing pack master new cast member Kelly Overton steps on screen in her debut performance as Rikki wearing nothing but her birthday suit.  Impressively composed with long luscious brunette locks and a strong muscular physic representative of a wolf, Overton is set to thrill us all in future episodes.  Awwoooool!


#1 ‘Walmart’ Pam

Known for nothing but impeccable taste in fashion Vampire Pam wants all the help she can get from Sookie to rectify her relationship with her maker Eric.  Pam is reduced to doing the unthinkable and wears the most hideous ‘Walmart’ sweat suit.  This is the one scene that brought a smile to every Truebie out there! Great job Audrey Fisher, Fangtastical!

Lisa Eden
Written by Lisa Eden