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Fangtastic Fashion Favorites – True Blood Episode 5.02

Fangtastic Fashion Favorites – True Blood Episode 5.02

Five Fangtastic Favorites for season Five…with One being the highest Favorite.

The following fashion choices are based on the comments that have been posted by fans on Twitter and Facebook. So it’s an overall judgment from social medias out there as well as a personal view too.

Audrey Fisher is True Blood’s costume Designer.

What were your favorite outfits in episode two? Post about it in the comments.


#5 Dieter Braun – The Vampire Bible

Dieter Braun’s debut performance left the audience gasping for air as King Bill was tortured with an intravenous drip laced with silver. Dieter’s accent and dialogue were captivating as we further learned about the ‘Vampire Bible’ and their historical link to God. Dieter dressed in tailored dress pants, a black shirt and perfectly placed jewelry made for exceptional viewing.


#4 ‘Fairytales are for Children’ – Salome

The sound of heels on concrete mixed with a deliciously devious smile, classic fashion and a fierce bitch-slap to boot the unveiling performance of Salome leaves the audience enthralled. Fairytales may be for children but a fitting knee length skirt and tailored dress shirt are fangtastic fashion necessities for badass women in the Authority. Salome’s delicate accessories and dancing curls clipped off the shoulder endorses much needed attention to her curves which are gladly examined by both male captives.


#3 ‘My Dad is King’ – Jessica

Enjoying the power of the throne and her college minions Jessica is one to watch this season with her fangtastic fashion not only complementing her sexy vixen side but also her youth. This episode Jessica is wearing tight skinny jeans, a lace embroidered tummy revealing crop top, violet suede wedge heels and a ponytail fit for cheerleading. I would kill for those shoes! Devine!


#2 1900s Pam

Recollections seldom encompass Pam but with the connection to her maker in pieces precious memories are all she has to grasp on to in the hope that the rift with Eric will pass. I am not going to lie, I was captivated from the moment she put on her lipstick and her present faded into her past life as a human. Nineteen hundreds attire is nothing short of historical elegance, where formal colors, texture and tailoring were pure genius. Audrey Fisher, head costume designer for True Blood, continues to amaze and delight us all with her tailoring genius, in a recent tweet to an excited fan Audrey states that ‘human Pam’ is adorned in a 1900s figure hugging burgundy velvet corset and vintage jet choker. The little attentions to detail were amazing and a sure statement of Audrey’s brilliance.


#1 1900s Eric Northman

Flashbacks into Eric Northman’s past were previously visited by past seasons of True Blood. A long haired Viking embellished with layers of skinned hides, that left nothing to the imagination, beguiled everyone watching. Finally, we are fortunate to see Eric Northman the Vampire in layers of couture 1900 fashion. The hat, jacket, vest, shirt and cravat are most definitely formed fitting Chic. Great work Audrey!

Lisa Eden
Written by Lisa Eden