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First look at Ryan Kwanten as Blinky Bill

First look at Ryan Kwanten as Blinky Bill

True Blood’s Ryan Kwanten (Jason) is in a new animated film, “Blinky Bill the Movie.” Below is a first glimpse of Ryan as the voice of the much-loved koala, Blinky Bill has been released.


Generations of Aussie kids have grown up with the famous koala since he was first featured in Dorothy Wall’s illustrated book series in the 1930s. Since then he’s been adapted to television in puppet form in 1980s show The New Adventures of Blinky Bill as well as animated 90s cartoon series The Adventures of Blinky Bill. He has been featured on the big-screen before too in the 1992 animated feature Blinky Bill : The Mischievous Koala.

Now, with the help of CGI bringing him into 3D animated form, it’s hoped that the quintessentially Aussie character will win over a whole new generations of kids (plus grown-ups alike!).


Written by Lynnpd

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