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Facing The World

Facing The World


Facing the World is a UK based non-profit organisation that provides life changing facial reconstructive surgery for children with severe facial disfigurements who are not able to access the surgery that they need in their own countries.

The Facing the World medical team volunteer their services and the organisation relies on private donations and the support of volunteers to cover hospital, transport and accommodation costs for the children and a parent.


The charity was founded in 2002 by Martin Kelly and Norman Waterhouse as a result of their experiences volunteering on plastic surgical missions in developing countries. As craniofacial surgeons, they realised that the limitations of local facilities meant that children with the most severe disfigurements were unable to receive the treatment they needed.

They also provide training to develop the infrastructure so that more children can receive the treatment that they need in their own countries.

Martin Kelly passed away in 2008 at the age of 43 leaving his wife actress Natascha McElhone and 3 children behind. Stephen Moyer and Natascha have been friends since they studied together at The London Academy of Music and Dramatic Art.



There can be many reasons for childhood disfigurement. Some children are disfigured from birth because their parents carry a hidden gene; others are exposed to environmental pollutants before they are born. Sometimes the reason isn’t obvious. Some start their lives healthy but are struck down by tumours and accidents.

Whatever the cause, the result is the same: a child with a disfigurement can be excluded, isolated and stigmatised. Perhaps more important are the deep emotional and psychological scars that run with it. Such children born in the West often have access to excellent health care, to surgeons, to the counsellors needed to build their confidence.

Children in poor countries do not…..


A picture says more then a thousand words. Please watch the below video to witness the amazing work of Facing The World.



The Vault & started supporting Facing The World in 2011 through the fundraiser Facing The Atlantic of Bertie Portal and James Cash who rowed the Atlantic Ocean.

In 2012 we continue our support directly to Facing The World.

Donations can be made to Facing The World through our JustGiving Charity page: 


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