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Godmother of the vampire genre Anne Rice is a fan of True Blood

Godmother of the vampire genre Anne Rice is a fan of True Blood

Anne Rice

You may have heard it before: writer of Interview With The Vampire Anna Rice is a fan of True Blood. In an interview with she explains why.

Vampires have become almost like a genre, like the western. What I see happening, with writers like Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer, is the domestication of the vampire. I was more interested in a powerful, old-world figure that had a lot of knowledge, experience, and was surrounded by a lot of glamour and mystery. I wanted to keep the romance. I loved the idea of these people gaining wisdom as they aged, and how that might cause them to be ever more tormented by the fact that they don’t really belong in the world and they prey on human beings, who they’ve really come to appreciate. Charlaine Harris is doing something different by imagining what it’s like if vampires are legal and you have them living in your southern town, and I think she gets a tremendous amount of energy out of that. She’s very witty—there’s a lot of satire there—and on the HBO show, True Blood, there’s even a romance with Vampire Bill.

True Blood is set in your native Louisiana, and it really uses vampirism as a metaphor for outsiders, including the gay community. What are your thoughts on using vampirism as a metaphor for the disenfranchised?

It’s a given! The vampire is an outsider. He’s the perfect metaphor for those things. He’s someone who looks human and sounds human, but is not human, so he’s always on the margins. When I write and assume the point of view of the vampire, I understand the agony of being a public outcast—someone who doesn’t belong anywhere, yet longs to be part of something and gravitates to other outcasts of his own kind.

Back to True Blood, how do you feel about the show’s depiction of vampires as these uninhibited, primal, sexual beings?

I’m a fan of the show. I see it as a logical part of it all. [Harris] has expanded the sexuality that’s inherent in that idea. I didn’t think of that, but as my books went on, I involved my vampires in more sexuality. But I couldn’t go as far as Charlaine Harris did, because I had said that my vampires can’t have sex; that the act of drinking blood is orgasmic for them. She’s doing it a different way. She’s saying that this blood drinker must also be dynamite in bed. Makes sense!

I think True Blood does werewolves justice with Alcide.

Oh, yeah I like Alcide. I like that actor [Joe Manganiello] a lot and I think the character’s hot.

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  1. Avatar
    November 23, 2011

    She has the best facebook posts. :)


  2. Avatar
    November 23, 2011

    Thanks, Shad, for posting. I thoroughly enjoyed hearing from Anne Rice.

    “What I see happening, with writers like Charlaine Harris and Stephenie Meyer, is the domestication of the vampire.” I had never thought of it quite like that, but Ms. Rice is right. I had heard that she is a fan of the show. So glad to have that confirmed.


  3. Avatar
    November 23, 2011

    I’ve known this fact since Season 1!.
    Right after Episode one aired, I checked Facebook to see what the
    scuttlebutt was and found a post from Anne Rice.
    I read it and I was so excited~ Lestat’s mom gave Trueblood a two
    thumbs UP and ****!!!! Trueblood got the seal of approval from
    the Queen of Vampire Writers!!!!! And Anne’s a FAN!!!! Yipee!!!


  4. Avatar
    November 23, 2011

    The Godmother has spoken and given her stamp of approval.


  5. Avatar
    November 24, 2011

    Glad to read again Anne Rice’s comments on Harris’s and Ball’s creations of the vampire. I’m a huge fan of Rice, Harris, and Ball.


  6. Avatar
    November 25, 2011

    She has also stated she is a Bill fan she likes the dark brooding type


  7. Avatar
    November 25, 2011

    How does “True Blood does werewolves justice with Alcide?” All he ever does is bitch and moan about his relationships. He never acts like a REAL werewolf, he’s more like an adult version of Jacob Black from Twilight and he tear Alcide apart.


  8. Avatar
    November 26, 2011

    Is she really watching the show, especially this past season! Ann Rice, wake up, wake up!!!!!!


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