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Grandma Trammell reveals names of newborn grandsons

Grandma Trammell reveals names of newborn grandsons

Sam Trammell’s mother has revealed the names of her twin grandsons that were born earlier this month. Winston and Gus are the names of the little bundles of joy to which Sam and Missy are now mom and dad.

“They were born just about two weeks ago and they are just adorable,” said Trammell’s mother, Betsy, from her home in Charleston to the Charleston Gazette.

“They have two little boys, not identical,” she said of the twins, who were born Aug. 9. “They are just great fun. Sam and Missy are having a wonderful time.”

The twins, Winston and Gus, are the first grandsons for Dr. Willis and Betsy Trammell, but the fourth and fifth grandchildren for the couple.

“We have three little girls, so the baby boys are something new and exciting,” she said.

Betsy said her son is adapting “amazingly” to fatherhood.

“It’s been wonderful. They are having a great time. Since they are both a little older, they are really excited about this chapter in their life,” she said.

Betsy said she and her husband were with the family when the twins were born and will see them again around Thanksgiving.

“We can’t wait,” she said.


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    August 30, 2011

    Thanks for sharing about the twins’ names. Much appreciated. It sounds like everyone is doing well. Lots of work to take care of two newborns, but lots of joy as well.


  2. Avatar
    August 30, 2011

    How sweet. I like the name, Gus, although Winston sounds a bit British. Hope he doesn’t get nicknamed, “Winnie”.


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