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Happy Holidays Giveaway for Facing The Atlantic : Transform your holiday presents into a donation and win a prize


Most of us will be spending the Holidays warm and cozy in the company of our loved ones. Our rowers Bertie and James however will be spending these days in a rowboat in the middle of the Atlantic Ocean. In their honor we would like to end 2011 with a Giveaway Fundraiser blast.
Do you get completely stressed out every year trying to come up with what Holiday presents to get for your loved ones? Not looking forward to last minute shopping in overcrowded shops or online shopping with disappointing results? We have the perfect solution for you! Instead of a present for you husband, sister, friend, etc make a donation in their name to Facing The Atlantic.

Make a donation of any amount to Facing The Atlantic in name of your loved one and download a donation certificate that you can personalize with his/her name and a personal message. You can print it and wrap it up or send it by email to your family and friends who don’t live near.

But that is not all…….. We have collected some wonderful Holiday presents, which were kindly donated, that we will be giving away randomly to a number of lucky participants.


How to turn your Holiday present in a donation for Facing The Atlantic


Everybody world-wide is invited to participate.

1. MAKE A DONATION: Make a donation of any amount to Facing The Atlantic on their JustGiving page here. Mention the code HHOLIDAYS in your payment note.

2. ENTER IN THE GIVEAWAY: To enter in the giveaway of prizes, send your donation reference number and name to before Saturday January 7.

3. DONATION CERTIFICATE: Download your donation certificate from this page: Email it, print it, personalize it and give it to your loved one.

4. PRIZES: We will randomly draw the winners of the below listed prizes from the elegible entries.

Donation Certificates


There are 4 donation certificates you can choose from to personalize and give as a Holiday present. You can download them from this page:


Prizes to win


Special thank you to all the wonderful people who made this fundraiser possible by donating the following prizes.


Facing the Atlantic t-shirt signed by Stephen Moyer

The image of this t-shirt was designed by Shadaliza and autographed by Stephen Moyer.

More items for sale with this design on Zazzle. All proceeds of the sale of these items are donated to Facing The Atlantic.

Moyer’s Mermaid Mousepad signed by Stephen Moyer

The image of this mousepad was designed by Shadaliza and autographed by Stephen Moyer.

More items for sale with this design on Zazzle. All proceeds of the sale of these items are donated to Facing The Atlantic.

4 VModa REVAMP Headsets

V-Moda has developed a True Blood inspired line which includes the ReVamp In-Ear Headphones. These headphones are very stylish, lightweight and offer the very best sound experience your ears can get.

Check out all the technical details in the HBO Shop.

8 packs of Tru Blood drink

Tru Blood is the perfect base for all your Holiday and New Year’s eve cocktails to celebrate in true True Blood style. Thanks to FMCG we are giving away 4 4-packs of glass bottles Tru Blood and 4 6-packs of plastic bottles.

Visit the HBO Store for more Tru Blood products.

CD’s “Sunlight and Shadows” by Abri van Straten and “Imperceptible Shift in the Light” by The Lemmings personalized signed by Abri van Straten

“Sunlight and Shadows” is the first solo album of singer/songwriter Abri van Straten, who is also frontman of the South African band The Lemmings.

Visit Abri van Straten’s websitefor gig dates, videos and more info.

Topaz earrings by jewelry designer Janet Cadsawan

“Topaz, silver and brass earrings designed by Janet Cadsawan inspired by book 2 of the Sookie Stackhouse series, “Living Dead in Dallas” by Charlaine Harris where Bill gives a pair of topaz earrings to Sookie.

Visit the Cadsawan online storefor more True Blood related jewelry.

5 CD’s “I can hear you” signed personalized by Chris Pierce

“I Can Hear You” is the latest CD of singer/songwriter Chris Pierce. The album showcases Chris’ tremendous musical dexterity for jazz, pop and soul.

Visit Chris Pierce’s websitefor tour dates, albums and info.

Personalized signed copy of The Donor by Helen FitzGerald

“The Donor” is the fifth novel of Helen FitzGerald and tells the story of Will, a single father with 16 year old twin daughters who faces a terrible dilemma when both his daughters fall ill with kidney failure.

Follow Helen FitzGerald on her blog and check out her books on Amazon.

Personalized signed CD and vinyl “Red Revelations” by Jace Everett

Jace Everett is best know of course for providing True Blood with its awesome theme song “Bad Things”, but this Texas based singer/songwriter has a lot more tunes in him.

Visit Jace Everett’s websitefor gig dates, albums and more info.

Alexander Skarsgård portrait print by Kristin Bauer

Kristin Bauer donated a print of the drawing she made of Alexander Skarsgård.

Visit Kristin’s website to see more of her art work and learn more about the causes she supports. Follow Kristin on Facebook and Twitter.

Personalized signed copy of Butterfly Rising by Tanya Wright

“Butterfly Rising” is the debut novel of Tanya Wright aka Dep. Kenya Jones on True Blood and tells the story of the inspiring story of Lilah and Rose and their roadtrip to find the mythical Lazarus of the Butterflies.

Visit the website of Butterfly Rising and check out and read the first chapter on Amazon.

3 gift boxes with 2 angels each designed by Zuzana

The angels are all designed and made by Billsbabe Zuzana from Sweden. A typical angel is composed of no less than 11 parts that are assembled by hand. All parts of the angels are nickel-free and the large bead is the semi-precious-stone Jade. Each angel comes with a small pendant that reads: “Made with love”.

2 Moyer’s Mermaids 2012 calendars personalized signed by Shadaliza ;)

Each month of 2012 a different Moyer’s Mermaids image designed by Shadaliza. All proceeds of the sale of this item are donated to Facing The Atlantic.

Check out all the images on Zazzle.

2 paintings by Cindy Helmoski aka Cindyloo

Cindy is a devoted Stephen Moyer and Anna Paquin fan who kindly donated 2 of her paintings for this giveaway. “Good Evening Miss Stackhouse” is a acrylic on recycled paper, 12×18″ and “The love of my Life” a watercolor on paper, 8×10″.

Click hereto see the second painting.

Painting by AnimaEterna

This original portrait inspired by True Blood’s Sookie and Bill painted in watercolors, ink and colored pencils created by AnimaEterna. 9″ x 12″. Painted with love and dedication.

Visit AnimaEterna’s website to see more of her work..

Written by Shadaliza

Shadaliza loves the Internet, film and TV shows, writing, running websites and charity fundraising; she has found the perfect combo in the fansites to express her creativity and passion. Shadaliza is Dutch, but has lived in Italy for many years and works as Marketing Executive for an Internet hosting company.

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  1. Avatar
    December 01, 2011

    Wow, what prices and what fine Certificates! Very good chance to buy “Christmas gift” to someone who has everything or who live far away. I know exactly what my brother and my best friend get for Christmas this year …lol… both live far away and I am convinced that they will appreciate this.
    Very well done Shad!!!!!!!


  2. Avatar
    December 01, 2011

    Very impressive. Well done, Shad, and all those involved in making this happen. A Christmas gift in the form of a donation, and prizes to be won, as well. Win – win all the way around.


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