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HBO Interview with Alexander Skarsgård

HBO Interview with Alexander Skarsgård

HBO has interviewed Alexander Skarsgård about his role of Eric and the Eric and Sookie pairing in Season 4 of True Blood.

Below is a part of that interview:


HBO – Fans have been dying for Eric and Sookie to hook up – what kinds of reactions have you been hearing now that it’s finally happened?

Alexander Skarsgård -I know that people have been talking about it – but I try to stay away from the blogs and fan sites. I’m a little scared … I do meet fans in person, though, and the feedback has been great this year. It seems that people are enjoying Eric’s arc, which is great because I had a blast shooting it. I love playing “Amnesia Eric.” It’s just such a different side of him, and it’s always fun as actor to dig deeper. You learn a lot, and I definitely have this year.


HBO – Is it difficult to play a person-within-a-person?
Alexander Skarsgård– I wanted to make sure that it was a side of Eric – not a new character. The side of him that was hidden. He’s very innocent and naïve now, but I also thought it was very important not to lose the old Eric – the predator – and the element of danger there. You’ve got to feel that to make it interesting, I think, and it’s something I focused on. You definitely see how he can get very violent, especially in those moments where he’s protective of Sookie.


HBO – In this week’s episode, “Cold Grey Light of Dawn,” there’s a drawn-out, multi-location love scene between Sookie and Eric. Was that the most involved one you’ve shot so far?

Alexander Skarsgård- It’s up there. I’ve done some stuff in other movies as well that’s pretty graphic … But these were definitely some pretty intense scenes. We were kind of all over the place. But my favorite scene is yet to come …


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  1. Avatar
    August 09, 2011

    ‘I love playing “Amnesia Eric.” It’s just such a different side of him, and it’s always fun as actor to dig deeper.’

    He totally gets his character, Alex is the perfect Eric :)

    ‘But my favorite scene is yet to come …’

    Oh this is gonna be so good, I can’t wait :)


  2. Avatar
    August 09, 2011

    I love Eric this season with his slate wiped clean. I also miss the old Eric, bad boy Eric. His hooking up with Sookie has been super hot enjoyable. Sookie’s seeing Eric in a new light has opened her mind to the good she saw in bad boy Eric. It will be exciting to see the two vampires competing for Sookie in the future when all the witch drama is over.


  3. Avatar
    August 09, 2011

    Lordy, Lordy, Lordy, I may be over Forty, but a little shower scene would be nice. :)


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