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FAQ – How does one become a vampire?

FAQ – How does one become a vampire?

To become a vampire a human must be almost completely drained of his blood. He is dying. Then he must drink a substantial amount of vampire blood and he will become a vampire himself.
Sookie drinks a lot of Bill’s blood, but she isn’t drained of her own blood, that’s why she doesn’t become a vampire.

Update 17 november

Episode 11 provides a better explanation of how a vampire is “made”. Not only does the victim have to be drained by a vampire, then given the vamp blood, but they have to spend the night with the maker in a hole all buried up in a grave. That vampire’s magic essence is transferred to the victim, who sleeps two more days without the maker then awakens vamp.

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    January 27, 2010

    The only way you can become a Vampire is to be bitten by a real Vampire. However, there are no real Vampires on the net or in plain sight that have exposed themselves. Well that is until. I am the first, The Vampire Lizzy Christ. I can be found at myspace/com/thevampirelizzychrist


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    February 16, 2010

    to become a vampire you must first be bitten and then left to die and if the vampire drinks all your blood you just die


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    To become a vampire you have to have a near-death experience, so personality is fractured. Once this “gap” occurs your Guardian of the Threshold can take over, and thus convert you into a “vampire”


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    March 31, 2010

    ^ More vampire info in my name. Enjoy!


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