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Interview with Charlaine Harris and trailer for final Sookie book

Interview with Charlaine Harris and trailer for final Sookie book

The True Blood fans all owe a huge debt to Charlaine Harris for creating the world that our favorite show is based upon. Her long-running book series chronicling the adventures of a mind-reading barmaid and her (many) supernatural lovers is finally coming to an end this May with Dead Ever After. Entertainment Weekly spoke to Harris about her future plans and saying goodbye to Sookie.

Ms. Harris has also narrated the trailer for her final book, hear her give clues as to what’s going to happen in the final pages of this much loved series by watching the trailer.


EW: How does it feel to be done with the Sookie Stackhouse novels?
CHARLAINE HARRIS: Mostly I’m just excited about doing something different. This is the longest I’ve ever written a series and I’m really ready to do something else. I’ve sure enjoyed living in Bon Temps and seeing Sookie so much, but I just came to realize that I’d come to the end of what I’d wanted to say about her.


Are you satisfied with the ending?
It’s the ending I had planned all along, maybe from like the second book on. There will be people who are super happy and there will be people who will not be happy, but you have to stay true to your own vision.


So you never felt the urge to change anything in the series based on the readers’ feedback?
No. I’m sorry, this is the universe I’m the queen of. The readers can get pretty angry and tell me I’m writing the characters wrong. I hardly see how that could be possible. They’re my characters! [Laughs]


I feel like Eric is especially a source of controversy. I have a friend who told me to ask you, and I quote: “Why did you decide to create a character that everyone fell in love with and then rip him from are our nimble little page-turning fingers?”
When I created Eric, I felt I’d created a complete person, with both a very attractive side and an unattractive one. Of course, no one’s perfect, human or vampire or Were! There’s no perfect “happily ever after.” But I get a lot of indignant feedback from a small but vocal group of readers whenever the narrative requires that one of Eric’s less lovely characteristics play into the story.


But it must be flattering to a degree. People care about these characters so much that they feel like they know them better than you do. That’s how real they are.
Well, it is! Of course it’s tremendously flattering. I appreciate the fact that people get so invested in the characters. That’s what every writer wants: She wants to pull them into her world. Amazingly, I seem to have done that with Sookie. It’s just thrilling.
Have you been watching the TV show? Personally I like that it’s so different from the books.
Well, I like it too. There’s the Game of Thrones approach in which they stay very faithful to the books. Of course they have to compress and delete some things because the books are so long. I really like that because I get to see what I’ve read and enjoyed. But at the same time,True Blood gives you the same characters in a completely new environment.



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