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Joe Manganiello talks sobriety at Film Screening

Joe Manganiello talks sobriety at Film Screening

Last weekend, Joe Manganiello hosted a Q&A after the screening of “Resurrection of Jake the Snake” in Hollywood and he talked more about his years of sobriety.

“Of course sobriety is something near and dear to me,” the Magic Mike XXL hunk, 38, told Us at The Resurrection of Jake the Snake at the Arclight presents Slamdance Cinema Club screening. The documentary is about professional wrestler Jake “the Snake” Roberts and his own struggles with sobriety. “Twelve-and-a-half years sober. So obviously this is something very close to my heart.”

This isn’t the first time Manganiello’s touched on the topic. In 2013, he spoke with HuffPost Live saying, “There was a period of four years where I needed to quit drinking. It was one of those obstacles I needed to get over. Once again, I needed to clear the road in order for these things to happen.”

 Below are some photos of Joe’s appearance:


President and co-founder of Slamdance Peter Baxter, actor Joe Manganiello, Executive Vice President of Cinema Programming for ArcLight Gretchen McCourt, director Steve Yu, actor David Arquette and wrestler Diamond Dallas Page attend the Slamdance Cinema Club screening of “Resurrection Of Jake The Snake” at ArcLight Cinemas on March 8, 2015 in Hollywood, California.

Video of Q&A session followed an ArcLight Slamdance Cinema Club’s Sunday screening of “Resurrection of Jake the Snake.”

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    March 10, 2015

    Good on Joe for speaking out so candidly.


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    March 10, 2015

    I agree good for him to open up and speak he seems like a good man !  please if any true blood fans want to start reading a new vampire saga check out these new books by new author LISA BELL WHEN DARKNESS FALLS ON A ANGEL AND BOOK 2 SAGE THE GODDESS OF THE DARK !  BOTH OUT NOW U CAN GO TO TATE PUBLISHING TO BUY A COPY IF U LIKE THANKS ! JOE seems like a pretty down to earth man !


  3. Avatar
    March 11, 2015

    Very proud of Joe and all who fight against this problem in their lives – it takes alot of strength


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