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Kristin Bauer interview and video on saving Elephants

Kristin Bauer interview and video on saving Elephants

Kristin Bauer van Straten talks about her role as Pam on True Blood with where she discusses her role of Pam, but also talks about her fight to save the elephants.



Unlike vampires, you’re a very passionate animal activist. You’re working on a documentary at the moment?

I am! It’s about elephant and rhino horn poaching. My husband is South African and his family are from Kenya. I met some people from the International Fund for Animal Welfare and they told me about what was happening to the elephants, the horrible genocide for their ivory.

The rhinos are faring even worse, we have less than 1,000, two species are now extinct, all for their horn for the market mainly in China and the United States. I kept thinking there has got to be something I can do about this, I really couldn’t sleep at night if I didn’t try to do something.

It’s going to take some awareness to force the world to not let these species go extinct in our lifetime.

Watch the introduction that Kristin did for KCET Los Angeles on saving elephants below:

Kristin also answered some True Blood questions:

How did playing a vampire compare to your other, human, roles?

One thing about that is there was a lot of night shooting. I didn’t realise that at the time when I signed on for the role and there are lots of things you need to learn, like how to clip out your fangs, none of it looks nearly as cool as when the special effects guys help you out.

The other thing is that we can do conventions, which is an interesting thing to get to meet the fans. I don’t know if fans of CSI would be quite as enthusiastic, so it’s pretty fun.

Do you enjoy interacting with the fans?

It’s really fun! Otherwise all you do is read numbers from ratings or you look online, which is a little dangerous. It’s nice to meet people in person and hear what they think.

Read the entire interview with Kristin by gong to:

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