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Kristin Bauer Promises “Pam-demonium” on True Blood S4

Kristin Bauer Promises “Pam-demonium” on True Blood S4

We’re so glad that Kristin Bauer van Straten’s Pam has been made a regular this season. With the change for Eric, it seems that Pam is going to have her hands full to help her maker stay alive. Since Eric is sort of “out of commission”, Pam has to take over the running of Fangtasia — and it seems she will be running into a whole lot of trouble.

Below is part of an interview with Kristin about what we can expect in this upcoming season.  It’s definitely going to be a wild ride.

This season we see a different side of Pam. What can we look forward to?

“This season really is about identity and showing your true colors. We have every possible situation that we could possibly put Pam in to create chaos and she has to react to it. And she’s not a strategist. That was the biggest thing I learned this year: She doesn’t play chess, she doesn’t think two moves ahead. And theses witches this season are throwing the kitchen sink at a lot of people. It’s remarkable the things Pam tries to put order back in her world.”

I also hear Pam’s headed for trouble…

“Pam gets to kick some ass. She’s got to cover for Eric (Alexander Skarsgard). He’s not himself, and Eric is much more involved with Sookie (Anna Paquin) this year and she’s taking care of him. So that’s interesting, it’s a massive change for Pam because their dynamic has changed. Pam has only one Achilles heel, only one strain of vulnerability and that’s Eric. So to have him not be her rock, her leader, anymore, to not have him needing her in the same way affects her. And then to also have the witches waving their wands, metaphorically – we’re not Harry Potter here – but it’s really challenging. We do get to see’s Pam animalistic side.”

Will we see more development in the relationship between Pam and Jessica (Deborah Ann Woll)? Pam’s almost like her reluctant fairy-vampmother.

“Totally. We’ve been saying it’s like bad big sister advice. I love the advice that she gives and that when she shows interest in Jessica, it’s when she’s accidentally killed somebody. That’s a fun dynamic that does develop, because I love that it’s really bad advice – she’s like the anti-Carrie Bradshaw. But it’s very practical in the vampire world.”


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    July 10, 2011

    Pam may be in for a wild season 4, but I’m glad to know the following will remain a constant in her life. Quoting Kristin here:

    “Pam dresses for every occasion and I was amazed that, no matter how dire the circumstances get this year, she’s still picking the perfect outfit and wearing false eyelashes and lipstick.”

    That’s our girl. I would expect nothing less.


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