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Lucy Griffith Talks about her character “Nora Gainesborough”

Lucy Griffith Talks about her character “Nora Gainesborough”

Another character bites the dust, (no pun intended), in the 7th episode of True Blood Season 6, Eric’s vampire sister, Nora, who had been injected with Hepatitis V, and not even Billith’s blood could cure her. Her death served two functions: to let the audience know what kind of a fate awaits any other vampire who drinks the tainted True Blood, and to set Eric on a path of revenge.


Lucy Griffiths, who played our latest dearly departed, chatted with Vulture about her gruesome death scene, vampire sibling rivalry, and what would have happened had Nora actually found Warlow.

Below is part of that interview:
Nora collapsing into all that blood and goo into Eric’s arms was one of the one most prolonged and gruesome deaths on the show in a while. How did you shoot it?
It was quite weird, because I had to have a tube next to my head and they had to pump all the blood through it, to make it look like I was melting, before they added the CGI. So I was covered in blood, covered head to toe, and it was so cold. It feels quite strange! The vein effects right before that were part transfers and makeup and postproduction.
On top of the death scene, you also finally got the origin story, the flashback of how Nora became part of Eric’s vampire family. In a way, you got two death scenes.
I really liked the set that we shot that on. I thought the way they made that simple thing, her dying, quite complex and quite rich, with all the elements they included. It was strange, because it’s always been modern sets, so it felt like I wasn’t shooting True Blood, but a different production on that day. And when Eric’s got a long wig on, he looks very different. And the surroundings really did change the atmosphere.
Earlier this season, Nora had a revelation from reading the Vampire Bible — that a key passage had been mistranslated, that it was not the people but the progeny who lead Lilith to the sun. She interpreted this to be about Warlow, but she hardly got to tell anyone about it. Well, she told Niall, but they got distracted when she smelt his faerie blood, and he’s been blasted to another realm.
That’s a really good point! And she doesn’t really ever share that information. She just dies and takes it with her. [Laughs.] Oh, well. Whoops! Once she’s injected with Hep V, she loses her physical and mental faculties. That’s probably why she doesn’t say anything about it to Eric.
Why didn’t Nora cry during her deathbed scene?
Because Eric’s crying, and she has to take care of him in that moment. Some of the vampire tears are CGI, though. And some are makeup. The makeup department is incredibly thoughtful when it comes to making you look a certain way and giving you the space to concentrate on the thing.
Eric and Nora are brother and sister. They’re also lovers. Vampire families seem to have a built-in incest factor.
Yes. I just think of them being very close. I don’t really make a distinction between they’re brother and sister and they’re lovers. I just think they’ve known each other for an extremely long time and they’re really close. And because they’re not blood relations, they weren’t brother and sister before they were made into vampires, which takes away from that incest-y thing that might have made the portrayal of their relationship a little complicated.

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    July 31, 2013

    Nora’s passing was so sad. Eric was devastated. I think his pain and sorrow will quickly turn to anger, and then to the desire for revenge. The humans in vamp camp have no idea what they’re in for.

    I’m sorry to lose Nora. A certain number of deaths are inevitable in any TB season. She was one of the unlucky ones this time around.


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