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Music for True Blood Season 5, Episode 12 ‘Save Yourself’

Music for True Blood Season 5, Episode 12 ‘Save Yourself’

Be sure to check out the section in our True Blood Episode Guide devoted to the music for each episode of Season 5. To see it, go to the Season 5 Episode Guide: Music. This guide is updated weekly with the songs featured in each episode after it airs.

Below are the songs from the finale episode, “Save Yourself,” which aired last Sunday, August 26, 2012.  This season we certainly have had a great a variety of music in each episode and we congratulate Gary C. and all the writers who chose each song.

There are several songs with that title: blues-rocker Jonny Lang, Americana singer-songwriter James McMurtry, indie rocker Sharon Van Etten, thrash metal legends Overkill, guitar-god Michael Schenker and noted True Blood fan Snoop Dogg all have songs by that name.

So it was something of a surprise when the song turned out to be by ’90s industrial rockers Stabbing Westward. Many of the musical decisions on the show go to Music Supervisor Gary Calamar, but that wasn’t the case with this selection. “That one was picked by Alan Ball and he was very happy with it, so I left it alone,” Calamar tells CBS Local.


Yea, we guessed correctly this week on the music speculation for this episode with our choice of the song, and of artist.  I am loving this song and think it really fit well with the episode.


Here’s a video  of  Stabbing Westward-“Save Yourself” (Album Cover)


The songs featured in this episode were:


by Brick
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“Save YourSelf
by Stabbing Westward
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    August 28, 2012

    They always select the perfect songs to end each episode. :)


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