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Music Season 1 Episode 3 – Mine

Music Season 1 Episode 3 – Mine

Snake in the Grass – Vallejo
Scene: Sookie is surrounded by hungry Vampires at the old Compton Place

Free Fall – Pitch Black
Scene: Vampires close in on Sookie but Bill scares them off.

Downtown – Alex Chilton
Scene: Tara and Sam discuss the Sookie and Bill situation while restocking the bar at Merlotte’s

Far Far Away – Wilco
Scene: Tara and Sam ask each other some personal questions while sitting on Sam’s porch

From A Whisper To A Scream – Allen Toussaint
Scene: Tara and Sam work out an arrangement

Mine – Bing Crosby & Judy Garland
Scene: Sookie sneaks up on Bill while he is reading. They kiss passionately.

Red Eyes And Tears – Black Rebel Motercycle Club
Scene: Bill shows up at Malcolm’s nest to make it clear to him and the other vampires that Sookie is off limits.

Belly Disco – Karminsky Experience
Scene: Tare flees her mother’s drunken wrath and heads to Lafayette’s house.

Soccer Practice – Jonny McGovern
Scene: Jason dances for “V” juice.

Good Times – Charlie Robinson
Scene: End Credits

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